binational marriage: fictitious – protective – convenience marriage

There are many reasons to get married, one of them is the solitarity and support of refugees and migrants. Marriage is a possibility, to protect a person from deportation and to help him get a everlasting right of residence.

The term «convenience marriage» collects all possibilities of marriage and only describes that marriage is connected with a certain purpose, unless positive or negative valued. In earlier times the „purpose“ of marriage, also in europe, was not just in the context of love, it mostly had other interests, like commercial relevance, social importance or capital. So also a lot of marriages were arranged marriages.

For example germans, that agreed to protective marriages abroad, to escape persecution of the naziregime, have never been reproached, far from it, this assistance is judged positive till this day.

The law in the european union is very hard with binational marriages, seems like the fortress of european union decides, also in economic interests, which citicen sould get to know the promise of beeing privileged as a european national.

For every star in the flag of the european union we celebrate a wedding with a non-european citizen as a symbol for useless classification of nationalities, discrimination and create out of «second class citizens» new european «identies» to enrich this wonderful system.

According to the „fisher atlas of sexuality“ nowadays are approximately 60 % of all marriages worldwide not, what is commonly called «love match».

arunakaij is austrian – bruno bresani is brasilian

this project is a binational work realized in Salzburg, 2007

Eduardo Villanueva – Mexican, Deepak Shivaswamy – Indian, Renan Martins – Brasilian, Felipe Salazar – Costa Rican, Abulash Ningappa – Nepalese, Milena Rodriguez – Costa Rican, Marek Lebedev – Ukrainian, Farhan Al Hadiye – Iraqi, Daimaal Muri – Pakistan, Mustafa Özman – Turk, Minh Hieu – Vietnamese.